The #1 Thing you can do right now to harden & protect your IP, WebServer & WordPress

The IP Address had China written on it, but in data security bad actors in Europe, Asia and the USA can and do hijack IP’s to make you think it’s some other rat bastard. Either way we like to knock heads with them occasionally to keep on our toes… then drop em like flies. Here’s a […]

Sending Transactional Emails with WP Postman Plugin using a Sendgrid API Key

Our test environment: 2017 Theme on a Wordsrack Server built January 2017 on Ubuntu 16.04, NGINX 1.10.x webserver and PHP-7 Requirements: Operational WordPress install Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin Postman WordPress Plugin Sendgrid Account – API Key An email account – We’re testing with G-Suite php curl for Guzzle to work