Sending Transactional Emails with WP Postman Plugin using a Sendgrid API Key

Our test environment: 2017 Theme on a Wordsrack Server built January 2017 on Ubuntu 16.04, NGINX 1.10.x webserver and PHP-7


  • Operational WordPress install
  • Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin
  • Postman WordPress Plugin
  • Sendgrid Account – API Key
  • An email account – We’re testing with G-Suite
  • php curl for Guzzle to work

There are 5 CNAME records to whitelabel in the Sendgrid dashboard. Go to your CloudFlare DNS or your host/provider to build the records and validate them. This ensures good DKIM signatures proving in the header you are the secured delivery owner.

Sendgrid-PHP7-WordPress-CNAME-CloudFlare-DNS on 12Flat


This is such a powerful way to send transactional mail from a popular member or Ecommerce site with top notch security.  No passwords or authentication other than the Sendgrid API key is used.

Postman allows any smtp or Gmail API scheme to be used and we love the Gmail API as well for those clients on G-Suite. The only thing Sendgrid will not do is put a copy of the sent mail in your box but you can CC/BCC anyone via >>Settings>>Postman. The notifications set up in Gravity Forms will send copies if you set it up that way. >>Forms>>Forms>>Notifications

After you have Postman installed and generate a Sendgrid API key you’re  armed for bear to send email. The beauty of the setup becomes obvious. You can send truly secure and authenticated domain mail from any address you choose (in your domain) without setting up an app (e.g. Gmail Api).  The Gmail API is a supurb 2nd choice and we use it with many clients. The one thing nice about it is that it does log sent mail in your G Suite Acct. With Sendgrid we just BCC any address we want to keep a proper trace.

We’ve sent a test mail successfully and you can tweak in >>Settings>>Postman all the standard email things you’d want, such as in advanced,  Remove the Postman X-Header signature from messages and set up CC and BCC and extra header information.

Sendgrid then starts it’s own log with a zillion goodies for email and email marketing analytics.


So the last step in our test is to see if our Gravity Form Software will work on the new server environment.


Email Validator

Sendgrid Gravity Forms test on served by on Experimental NGINX Ubuntu 16.041.1 PHP 7.0
  • We will send you a copy to validate a successful transaction of email. You will not be sent spam and if we ask you to receive notifications of new articles you may opt out automatically.
  • If you'd like to drop us a short note or find out more about our infiniband servers.

Author: Stuart Liedtke

I am a US Navy Veteran who was trained to work in demanding operating environments where a vast array of technologies provide deep analytical insights to data. I have worked using my training in analytical skills in the military, as an airborne sensor operator and in civilian life as a technology officer.