Hi, I’m Stuart Liedtke.  WordPress moves me. I move WordPress.

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It’s what I do. Since 2005. I am the CTO at Wordsrack Inc. I built and maintain their cluster of Data Centers and servers located in the SuperNap, Las Vegas NV. 

The WordPress Database

… is where a lot of people get cold feet and thinks it’s located in some mysterious cave in a land far away. I get that, but I also like to go in guns a blazin’ and reap havoc among the tables and rows. I’m hardly an SQL wizard but the point in moving an installation of this content management system is also knowing how to bulk modify the entire structure even when replacing 10’s of 1000’s of urls or prefixs’ and more 

WordPress is a moving target. It has evolved rapidly, now past halfway in its second decade. I was fortunate to see it come up on my radar very early, while social networks were just starting to meld into the cultural landscape I kept my eye on content management as I saw the opportunity to do things in blocks. Now that Gutenberg is here that’s pretty funny that I saw it that way while working on relational databases with a big industry guru (and phone guy) back in 2004 while working in Hilton Head Island.

I Move WordPress Sites from hosts that mess up the file structure with unnecessary bloat. I fix the file structure and database. I built the setup depicted in the image for what you’d call “High performance WordPress”. A lot of people tinker with their pagespeed on various sites to measure, Google, GTMetrix, Webpagetest.org etc. That part is not too too hard. We have a client that covers Alabama Crimson Tide Football (TouchDown Alabama Mag). The point is where do you fail with tens of thousands of concurrent sessions on such a popular site? We have not so far with this screamer data center below. The IONOS setup is one of a kind with an 80GBps “Infiniband” backend (network), the darling of the industry. If you read this kind of material you understand this is pretty much 100 times faster (data transfer) than most, and at least 10 times faster than AWS or, you just have to research the proof.


Read the excerpt below By Achim Weiss, CEO of 1&1 IONOS

I’ve been there – as the former CTO for an Internet hosting firm with 100,000 servers and 10 million customers, I knew that the decisions made early on will either elevate you or haunt you for years to come…just as Amazon, Rackspace and others are being haunted and trapped in the web of their early architecture decisions now.

We made tough decisions.

  • We spent months just researching, designing and testing various fundamental building blocks of the cloud: virtualization, networking, storage, hardware and the provisioning engine we would need to build in order to offer the best possible IaaS service available in the market.
  • We took the path less traveled, but we knew it was the only way to solve the tough problems of the cloud platforms at the time  – poor operational reliability, poor performance, costly designs and a lack of flexibility for the end user.

How does ProfitBricks deliver on “Zero Downtime” due to physical infrastructure maintenance and hypervisor updates.

We selected KVM as our virtualization layer. Simply put, KVM is the best virtualization platform available. We knew it then. A few new offerings know this now. But Amazon, Rackspace and others are haunted by their inability to offer “Live Migration”, or, ultimately, deliver on the promise of the cloud – virtual machines that are abstracted from hardware and virtualization layers. We have it, they don’t.

  • We selected InfiniBand as our network interconnect layer. Some might think we simply picked the fastest and most expensive technology to solve the poor and inconsistent performance problems that plague IaaS platforms such as Amazon AWS. But we knew that with InfiniBand we could truly deliver – not just 80Gbps high performance networks connecting servers and servers to storage, but we could Live Migrate users from one physical machine to another without causing any interruptions.

WordPress is very elegant when you look at it in the raw, but after Bluehost or Godaddy get a hold of it for a year or more it looks pretty ghastly. I will completely sanitize that for you. I do it daily.

PhpMyAdmin Database Expert Migration – Not for the timid. Our Fiber Optic Backbone makes easy work of the largest of databases.

We can store your WordPress site safely for a later migration, or stage it on one of our dual webserver machines using NGINX UBUNTU & MariaDB.

I clean up unnecessary database tables left over by old plugins.

I make sure your DNS is keeping you safe, all polished up behind CloudFlare. I became a certified Cloudflare partner after  being invited by Cloudflare as a beta tester prior to launch in 2009.

I use industry best practice to protect our clients after studying DNS and Honeypots and building my own  bot/botnet traps for the past decade.

I take care of out of date software on your site and take you to the latest version of WordPress, your theme and plugins. If your theme or plugin is not still supported past WordPress 5.0 I will perform an analysis of your needs and make solid recommendations. Some of the sites I maintain have a virtual plethora of plugins which are usually necessary to perform memberhip and payment functions. I still like to slim it down wherever possible  and have been up against the most stringent of needs of the site owner who need their site to be more than just a brochure, but often a lively marketplace or chamber of commerce where businesses rely on exposure beyond their own capability.

I securely send your mail with the correct DKIM signatures, SPF values and authenticate it from your site just like you sent it yourself with SSL Port 587 and TLS encryption. You cannot rely on wpmail or your existing host to understand this setup, that I have proven consistently over the years since 2010.

I also work transparently in your best interests. That means if you hire me to do a job and later want to pass the baton to the next version of you (by way of a new tech person) I give you/them exactly what you bought. While there are some licenses that I own that are not transferable, the ability exists for you to get an economical means to the same end result. Case in point is we own premium suites of plugins that are licensed to be deployed to unlimited sites. Gravity form and Ultimate Member come to mind. After having all that set up by me if you hire me, the plugins don’t go away when I do, you just have to pick up your own copy and insert the correct tokens in where applicable and you’re on your way. I’m happy to have done a bang up job for you while it lasted.

Note: Our customers don’t generally go elsewhere. Our mandate is your satisfaction that what we build or do for you is straight up the best you can get, or we won’t bid the work when it’s outside the scope of our expertise.